Minutes 2015-02-25

25 Feb

Minutes of meeting held in Comrades Club, Morpeth on 25th February 2015 at 19:30.

  1. Reason for meeting

Opening remarks made by Barry Gibson explaining the reason for the meeting ie. To form an association of people and organisations who have an interest in fishing in Northumberland.

  1. Officials

Barry stated that he was prepared to stand as chairman of the organisation and asked that the nominations for Treasurer – Richard Lindsay – and Secretary – Arthur Winter – from the previous meeting, held in the Jubilee Hall, Rothbury be confirmed. All three appointments were agreed by the meeting.

  1. Memorandum of Association

The chairman then explained the Memorandum of Association and the reasons behind the formation of the Association.

In response to a question from the floor it was agreed to email a copy of the Memorandum of Association to all persons who put their email address on the attendance sheet.

  1. Environment Agency Meeting

The chairman stated that at the same time as this meeting was in progress a meeting was being held between the Wear Angling Association, the Environment Agency and The Angling Trust after questions had been put to Environment Agency by the Wear Angling Association.

  1. Information

A request was made by the chairman for all member organisations to send information regarding problems or concerns of their organisation any of the officials of the Association in order that if possible a co-ordinated approach may be made to solve the problems.

  1. National Trout and Grayling Strategy

The National Trout and Grayling Strategy was explained by the chairman.

  1. Restocking

The chairman stated that there was a need to canvas for river restocking throughout the region.

  1. Poaching

In response to a question from the floor regarding poaching the chairman stated that the person observing the poaching should report it to the police, quoting code 116/11 which is the code for The Theft of Fishing Rights.

  1. Cormorants

In response to a question from the floor regarding cormorants the chairman stated that Angling Trust officers were willing to discuss their ‘control’.

  1. Netting of salmon and sea trout

The chairman stated that the Environment Agency requests for comments regarding the review of T & J netting attendance byelaw had closed and that the drift net fishing for salmon and sea trout will cease in 2022.

  1. Water abstraction

Comments were made from the chairman and the floor regarding the water abstraction rate.

A comment was made regarding an abstraction rate of 8.3 cu. metres per second but the Environment Agency states that any abstraction over 20 cu. metres per day requires a licence.

  1. Future meetings

Following a request from the floor it was agreed that dates of meetings for the remainder of the year would be sent to member organisations and agendas for meetings would be circulated well in advance of meetings.

Meeting closed at 20.45