Minutes 2015-05-13

18 May

Minutes of meeting held in Comrades Club, Morpeth on 13th May 2015 at 19:30.

  1. Welcome

The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Treasurer and the Secretary.

  1. Review

The chairman briefly reviewed the reasons for the formation of the Association for those members who had not been present at the previous meeting(s).

  1. Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting, having been previously circulated to the members, were confirmed as correct.

  1. Matters arising

(a) Cormorants

A Northumbrian Angling Federation member stated that the Federation had a licence to shoot 3 cormorants over the full length of the Federation waters. A member of the Angling Trust stated that there were 3 Environment agency officers dealing with cormorants.

(b) Netting

The chairman issued a map showing the location of netting in the North East region and stated that there was only one Environment Agency enforcement vessel between the Humber and the Tweed.

The chairman stated that the Paxton House netting station is now a Marine Research Centre.

  1. Rod Licences

The chairman stated that in 2014 the revenue raised nationally from the sale of rod licences was £25 million.

A member of the Angling Trust stated that the Trust had issued ‘A Manifesto for Angling’ to all political parties prior to the General Election asking that all money raised from the sale of rod licences should be ‘ring fenced’ and only used for angling – not, as has been suggested, siphoned off for other purposes.

  1. Update from Angling Trust Meeting on 22nd April

The chairman gave a report about the meeting held in the Environment Agency North East headquarters.

He said that the meeting was so well attended that EA staff said it was the first time they had to bring additional chairs into the room and he thanked those members who had attended.

There was a presentation by the EA regarding monitoring fish numbers (electro fishing) on the Tyne and its tributaries. The quality was rated from high to bad with good as the acceptable standard and most of the river areas sampled fell into the good category. Where the quality was bad the EA official said it was for known local reasons.

There was a presentation from a member of the Tyne Rivers Trust which showed the work done by the Trust in improving the rivers with regard to assisting the passage of fish and aerating the water.

There was also a presentation regarding the insect life on the rivers and the method of surveying which insects were breeding on the rivers and the reintroduction of those which were no longer evident.

The EA stated that the number of Salmon and Sea trout which had passed the fish counter at Riding Mill this year – up to 22 April 201 was 151.

The EA stated that they were to review releases from Kielder within the next 12 months.

After the meeting the Angling Trust representative was approached and asked if he would arrange a meeting with us to discuss the other rivers in the county. He thought it a good idea. We offered him the venue at the Comrades Club. (This was followed up by a formal invitation from the secretary by email the next day).

  1. Treasurers report

The treasurer stated that he was in the process of opening an account in the Association’s name at Lloyds bank and that £25 had been received from each of 3 organisations.

  1. Secretaries Report

The secretary stated that the website had been created although it was still work in progress and that the number of people on his contact list stood at 43. The chairman asked members for a donation for the person who created the website.

  1. Any other business

It was confirmed that drift netting for salmon and sea trout is to be stopped by 2020.

Coquet Fish Plan – issued in 2008 by the Environment Agency should have been reviewed in 2013 but this has not happened.

Meeting closed at 21.15