Freeman’s Reach Archimedes Screw Update: December 2018

28 Dec

We are sorry to have to report that the trial with the acoustic screen and strobe lighting did not deter migratory fish entering the entering the base of the screw during lifts of water in 2018. Consequently this equipment, installed by Fish Guidance Systems, Southampton, will shortly be removed. Instead DCC propose to install a set of heavy duty flexible “plastic” flaps similar to those used at warehouse entrances and as refrigeration doors. A series of overlapping flaps, one in front of the other, of increasing length will be installed in front of the screw to stop/protect fish jumping into the rotating screw. As river height increase the longer flap will ride up first leaving the screw protected by the shorter flaps behind. It is hoped that this system will be installed by the end of May but a preliminary trial will start as soon as possible. 

WAA are still of the opinion that fine screens are the only permanent solution to the problem but hope we are wrong and that this “plastic screen” will solve the problem; we will see what happens in 2019! 

Interested parties, anglers, council officials and the Environment Agency will continue to monitor the situation closely.