Draft proposals for conservation guidelines for salmon fishing

29 Jun

At the Angling Trust Tyne Fisheries Forum in May, Philip Adams presented an outline of the preliminary results of a working group who aimed to update the existing Tyne “Voluntary Code of Conduct”, which dates from 1999. Titled “Conservation Angling for Salmon on the Tyne” (CAST), this was conceived as an evidence-based guideline, summarising the evidence that is available, supplemented by opinion from a broad spectrum of angling constituencies. The aim, as I understood it, was initially to have a simple guideline for all beats on the Tyne, but as an evidence-based guideline for conservation, it should have much wider application, and may ultimately be adopted by other anglers, associations or authorities.

Phillip sent out the following email:

“Please find attached three documents which I think will be self-explanatory. In brief, these are the output from a process to develop an evidence-based guideline for those who wish to practice conservation-minded angling for salmon. Our focus was on the River Tyne, as the working group who developed the guideline was local.

The documents are as follows:-

  • a summary of the recommendations
  • a summary with an image which may be useful for notice boards as perhaps more eye-catching
  • a document with more details as to how we came to the conclusions we did
    We hope you will find these helpful.

We are delighted to receive comments, as we plan to review the document, probably over the winter 2019-20. We cannot guarantee a response to comments immediately, although will try to do so. Please understand however that any comments will be taken into account during the review process.”

I think it would be very useful for people involved in other catchments to consider these, and I hope you will find these interesting. You will see that Philip asked for any comments; I propose that if you have any comments or suggestions, that you forward these to me at richard.lindsay7@btinternet.com and then I can summarise these in one email to Philip, probably by the end of September.

If anyone would prefer to make their comments direct to Philip please contact me at and I will forward you his details.


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