Lunch at the Shard!

9 Sep

During a recent trip to London, my wife and I were invited for lunch at the Shard, currently London’s tallest building.  The restaurant on the 32nd floor is called ‘The Aqua’ and is well worth a visit if you are in that neck of the woods.The views are fantastic.

On opening the menu I was surprised to see one of the main dishes was not salmon as you usually might expect but Sea – trout and I am somewhat ashamed to say I tried it and it was very nice.  So has wild Sea – trout now become the fish to serve in posh restaurants and is this because of the dearth of wild salmon and perhaps changing attitudes to farmed salmon who knows, only time will tell?

On a slightly more intoxicating level after our second bottle of wine (shocking price!!) I felt in need of a trip to the loo for a ‘p’.  My word, the views from the urinal stall, overlooking London through the clear glass cladding were simply breathtaking, I don’t think I’ve ever taken so long to empty my bladder!

Three nights later we were at it again, on the razzle-dazzle in Wimbledon.  This time a slightly more low key affair in a local restaurant and guess what was on the menu? Salmon, no! Sea – trout yes! and was it as good as the Shard’s offering, unfortunately no.

Local anglers often question where the thousands of Sea – trout taken by the north east net fishery go? Now you know!

Of course the big danger is that Sea – trout will replace  the endangered wild salmon on restaurant menus causing even greater demand for the fish with severe consequences for yet another declining wild resource. The ‘Save our Salmon’ campaign rapidly needs to re-focus and become ‘Save our Sea-trout’ before it is too late.

On another more personal gloomy note, a trip to the local boozer one night cost me £11.95 for two pints. I.P.A was £6.00 a pint. Guess how many I had?

Great trip, but my word, bloody expensive!!!!