Important Meeting.

3 Oct

The Angling Trust in conjunction with the Environment Agency will be holding a North East Fisheries Forum on Wednesday 23rd October at The Comrades Club, Sanderson Arcade, 4C Market Place, Morpeth. NE61 1HG. The meeting starts at 7:15pm.

The agenda includes:-

T & J Net Trials: Preliminary results.

Angling Trust News

Catch & Release Guidelines

Local Environment Agency Fisheries Team Updates.

What should be of interest to all anglers is not whether the net trial has been a success but more importantly how many fish the nets have intercepted, particularly salmon. Reports from all north east rivers suggest that the number of migratory fish in the system is low, this is particularly relevant to the River Wear as numbers reported as passing through the Durham fish passes at the end of August were 15% below the 2018 figure which as all Wear anglers know was the lowest ever recorded. The River Tyne has to a certain extent held its own with a 7% reduction. Although reports from the upper reaches suggest that the number of fish visible is worryingly low.

The situation is not good and perhaps the inclusion on the agenda of ‘Catch and Release Guidelines’ is an omen for the future.