Tees Barrage Fish Pass

11 Oct

There is currently an on line petition to get a fully functioning fish pass installed in the Tees Barrage to allow salmon and sea trout to pass over this obstacle at all times. Please help by signing the on-line petition at:


In 1995 the Tees Barrage was installed on the River Tees. To combat the previous industrial pollution and to also control flooding issues. However, for all the good the Tees Barrage has done in helping clean the river up and reducing flooding. The Barrage causes a significant barrier to Atlantic Salmon & Sea trout from reaching their spawning grounds. Due to the nature of the gates this also creates a catastrophic amount of predation below the Barrage as the migratory fish do not have a free following passage passed the Barrage.
There is currently a fish pass installed at the Barrage, but this was an after thought during the initial design of the barrage, as they were led to believe there were no Salmon in the Tees due to the pollution having killed of the majority of aquatic life.
The goal is to have a fully functioning fish pass on Gate 1. That is available for 24hrs a day, everyday, to allow the free movement of fish both upstream and downstream. Currently the fish can only pass at very specific tide times and if they miss this window of opportunity. They are then at extreme risk of predation.
The Tees is an “at risk” river placed by the EA due to it’s low returns. If nothing is done we could loose this icon species from the Tees altogether.

Please support the campaign to get the Tees back to the once great salmon river it used to be.