State of North Atlantic Salmon Report

3 Mar

The Environment Agency have recently circulated an email highlighting that:

“The North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation (NASCO) have recently published the first ever State of North Atlantic Salmon Report to raise awareness about the state of Atlantic salmon stocks during the International Year of the Salmon. The report highlights that Atlantic salmon are a species in crisis.”

Here is a link to the report on line. For convenience to save downloading the report, I also attach a PDF version.

This report should help inform discussions about the future of salmon, and deserves to be circulated as widely as possible, including to those who do not fish.

It is also interesting to note that in the same email, the EA are saying that “It is very rare that winter flooding will have a significant or lasting impact on fish populations”, when in a previous report in 2016 they stated regarding storm Desmond that “These extreme high flow events coincided with the salmon spawning period and may have caused mortality due to the wash-out of eggs and alevins from redds and/or sediment deposition in the redds.”

It looks as if these high flow events are becoming more usual and may do lasting damage.


NASCO Report