The spannish do things differently!

21 Mar

Having recently returned from a holiday in Spain, I was surprised by our Governments reaction to the threat of Coronavirus and how it differed from the Spanish. In the hotel my wife and I were staying in we woke up last Sunday morning (15th March) to find the pool and the spa taped off and closed. This was quickly followed by the removal of all of the sun beds and sun shades. A note “decree of state of alarm” was then posted in public areas saying that there was a comprehensive ban on all games including mini golf, boules, table tennis and darts would you believe. We were also informed that we could only leave the hotel grounds to go to the supermarket or pharmacy and if we did go then you could only go singularly. Why you may ask? Because it only takes one person to get the shopping, simple really. If by necessity two of you had to go somewhere urgent then you had to go in separate taxis.

So for 4 miserable days we were virtually confined to our balcony while the local “policia” patrolled the promenade outside the hotel on their motorbikes hoping to catch anyone who just fancied going for a walk. And there were a few, usual suspects I suppose showing a stiff upper lip with a touch of the Dunkirk spirit. They were not out long!!

So while this was going on the hotel decided to close and started stripping out and storing everything away. At one stage we began to worry about leaving our room in case the bed went missing when we were out! They did feed us however.

So whats this to do with fishing? Well in the local press three rod anglers were reported to have been caught fishing a local reservoir and for their transgression in breaking the “state of alarm” they were each fined over 600 euros.

The spannish in the main do like to abide by the rules.

These are uncertain times indeed. Stay safe!