Some goods news at last!

1 Apr

On 30th March, the Environment Agency released the results of their consultation into the possible extension of the sea-trout netting season:

Feedback Updated 30 Mar 2020

We Asked
We asked for your opinions and comments on the potential options to extend the beach netting fishing for sea trout in Yorkshire and the North East.

You Said
We receievd (sic) 562 online responses to the consultation. 93% opposed an extension of the current netting season and 7% were in favour.

We Did
Having reviewed the evidence and all consultation responses we find it is not apropriate (sic) to recommend an extension to the sea trout netting season at this time.

Results Updated 30 Mar 2020
Having reviewed the evidence and the consultation responses we have found it is not appropriate to recommend an extension to the sea trout netting season at this time. Please find below an executive summary and report detailing how we came to that decision.”
Here is a link to the original announcementExecutive Summary, and Consultation Response Report


So congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to the 562 people who expressed their views in this consultation.
If you have the time to read the full report, there are some interesting responses to various issue raised:

– 223 of the respondents wanted the fishery curtailed or closed
– the effect of flooding on juvenile stocks
– estimated income from and economic value of the net fisheries
– economic and social value of the rod fishery
– restrictions on angling
– stocking programs
– cormorant, goosander and seal predation and control

and much more!


It is clear from the outcome of this consultation that we can indeed have an influence on the future of our rivers and fishing. So we will keep on representing and furthering the interests of Northumbrian game fishing.