Red Skin Disease

6 Jun

News from the Atlantic Salmon Trust:-

Reports of Red Skin Disease
Last year AST reported that there were accounts of small numbers of salmon caught in rivers across Europe, including Scotland, all exhibiting signs of a severe red rash and at times fungal infections (see here). It has been brought to the AST’s attention that this Red Skin Disease has reappeared in some areas. Following a major workshop in Norway last autumn, various laboratories have agreed to cooperate in tracing outbreaks of the disease and further analysing samples provided. Despite extensive investigations undertaken last year on retrieved specimens by the various fish health authorities, no attributable cause from an infectious agent has been established to date.

The AST asks that, when returning to the river bank, individuals stay vigilant and keep an eye out for any fish showing symptoms. If you do catch one of these fish, please do not remove it from the water and handle it as little as possible when removing the hook. Photograph the fish if you can and report the exact location of capture as soon as possible to the authorities (contact information provided on the AST website). Geographical coordinates for the position of capture from your smartphone would be particularly useful. It is also advised to follow normal biosecurity protocols and disinfect your fishing tackle, landing net, waders, and fishing jacket if they have come into contact with the fish.

At the moment this is for information only and the AST will share more news on their website & social media channels as it becomes available.