North East Fishery – Update.

18 Jun
Now that the netting season in District 1 is finished for this year, the Environment Agency on request has provided the following information:-
It appears that due to the present COVID 19 situation the EA does not as yet have access to the nets men’s logbooks and as such formal catch data may not be available till the end of the year. However, the good news is that for various reasons the EA does not anticipate a large catch of sea trout this year in District 1.
Anecdotal reports suggest the season was a poor one for nets men, partly due to temporary closures of fish markets, the reduced demand for sea trout as the hospitality industry was closed down, and the calm bright weather, which makes the nets more visible to fish, so they can better avoid them. The dry weather is also likely to have resulted in sea trout holding a little way offshore, waiting for a freshet to draw them into the estuaries.
Together with the shortened netting season reducing available fishing effort, these factors strongly indicate there will be a relatively small net catch of sea trout in District 1 in 2020.
* District 1 covers the coastal area from the River Tweed to the River Tyne.