Good News?

27 Aug

Well it’s been a tough year so far!

You would have thought it was bad enough being locked down for part of the season.

Then we had news of a silt net on the Coquet at Guyzance viaduct – time will soon tell whether this is interfering with migratory fish runs.

And then the escape of nearly 50,000 salmon from a fish farm in Argyll.

And there’s more!  As highlighted by Simon Cooper in Trout & Salmon,  beavers been introduced in Scotland, and the River Otter in Devon.  Not “re-introduced” as these beavers are of Eurasian origin, and not an indigenous species.  And  statements are made that “Other wildlife – especially fish, insects, birds and endangered mammals such as water voles – had greatly benefitted from the beavers’ presence”.

We welcome the call  from the Angling Trust  for a further moratorium until the results are to hand of the review that has been commissioned on the impact on salmonid populations, but question that the Environment Agency had not the gumption to do this themselves.   But then the Environment Agency have been “thrilled to announce” a further introduction to Spains Hall in Essex .

Not content to keep their head down, the Environment Agency now, through their chairman and as reported in The Guardian, supports a plan to weaken river pollution rules.

We really look forward to the next area Fisheries Forum!

But perhaps you have some good news – seen lots of smolts migrating, had a record year for brown trout or been overwhelmed with catches of salmon and sea trout?  If you have some good news you would like to share, just let me know.