Sewage In Our Rivers

30 Dec

In case you have missed it, or so far not taken action, we would draw your attention to the forthcoming parliamentary debate on the Sewage (Inland Waters) Bill, which will be held on 15th January.

This bill is widely supported by angling organisations and reported in the relevant press, but it does need your help.

As the Angling Trust describe: “In 2019 water companies released raw sewage into our rivers more than 200,000 times, equating to more than 1.5 million hours. In September this year data from the Environment Agency revealed that not a single river in England achieved good chemical status and only 14% were classed as being of good ecological status.”

Despite this appalling record, the Bill is not government policy, but a private members bill, and so to have any chance of becoming law, needs the support of as many MPs as possible. The AT have produced a handy guide on how to email your MP to get them to back the Bill.

Please take a few minutes to help make a difference.




Wishing you a Happy New Year and may we strive for progress in 2021!