More news on beavers

21 Feb

We reported last August on the introduction of beavers into rivers in Scotland, Devon and Essex.

As you will see from this¬†article from yesterday’s Times, beavers have now been introduced into the Frome in Dorset, one of only around 200 chalk streams in the world. The impact that beaver dams and tree felling might have on such a precious and delicate environment seems not to have been fully researched or considered, and local fishing associations together with those further afield on the Test, Itchen and even as far as the Midlands have responded with what they describe as an “accord”. This set of principles seeks to establish the right, where beavers are damaging the environment and habitat of chalk streams and impeding the passage of migratory fish, to remove dams and cull beavers.


The comment is well made by the local fisheries association that there are no apex predators for beavers so it is up to mankind to cull them. This may have interesting consequences on attitudes towards cormorants and goosanders, and we eagerly await developments.


We will pass no comment upon the expressed views of the chief executive of the Beaver Trust that beavers widening rivers “should thrill anglers because there will be more places to catch fish and more and bigger fish”. It speaks for itself!


If anyone has difficulties reading the article just drop me a line.