No, not an April Fool!

6 Apr

When I read an article about this in the weekend paper, I really did think that someone had missed an April Fool’s prank.   The “report” on Fish Welfare by the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation reads just like an April Fool, and the Angling Trust have done well to call a spade a spade and label it an ‘ill informed anti-angling rant lacking in evidence or credibility’.

You can read the Angling Trust’s reaction here, and their page also contains a link to the full report.  Just a tip: if you suffer from high blood pressure, do not read the full report!

Kudos to the Angling Trust for their unequivocal response!   They set a great example to us all of how we must not let these wild allegations go unchallenged, and how we should both bring them to light wherever they occur and correct them in a calm and factual manner.