Beavers again!

6 May

We have mentioned before the introduction of beavers in the UK and cast doubt upon the wisdom of so doing without proper research into the consequences. Lo and behold!   A recent article from the BBC News service has illustrated the potential problems.

In a small town in Quebec, beavers chewed through fibre cable at multiple points, causing disruption to internet and TV service. More telling was that the cable had been buried 3 feet underground and protected by a conduit more than 4 inches thick. Of great interest also is the report that farmers in particular worry about the havoc beavers could cause to crops and trees. Further, the mayor of the affected town had already blamed beavers for extensive flooding which damaged property and infrastructure.

And we are deliberately introducing these creatures into the British countryside without proper research into the consequences or any formal mechanism for monitoring and control?

The BBC article can be found here