Salmon & Trout Conservation UK Meeting

25 Apr

Please note that the above meeting scheduled for 17th May 2017 has been cancelled due to purdah arising from the forthcoming election.

The rescheduled meeting date will be posted when announced.

NRAA Clubs Join Forces.

14 Apr

Two well established angling clubs, both members of the NRAA, have joined forces to share their water.

Felling Fly Fishers Club and the Tyneside Anglers Syndicate have agreed to a 3 rod exchange system to enable existing club members to fish their respective waters between Low Grange Farm and Moorhouse Woods on the River Wear downstream from Durham.

This arrangement came in to operation on the 1st April 2017 and allows the members of both clubs access to nearly 2.5 miles of single bank fishing on prime River Wear water.

The water is made up of a variety of pools suitable for all angling methods.

Further details, including contact details, are available on the websites of both clubs.



2015: A Season to Remember?

13 Apr

If as a game angler you found the last two seasons difficult and failed to catch what you hoped for, have a look at the following Environment Agency statistics for 2015. The average increase in net catches compared to the decrease in rod catches stands out. Of course the weather had apart to play as most rivers were affected by a lack of water at some time. The success of the nets however is a real cause for concern. Catches like this are not sustainable over the long term.

Comparison between number of Salmon and Sea Trout caught by Nets and Rods, 2014/2015, in the North East Fisheries Area.

  • Nets: Salmon.
2015 2014 5 year avg 2014/2015 Avg  +/-
15,863 10,800 15,783 + 47% 0%
  • Rods: Salmon 
2,934 4,269 6,705 -31% -56%
  • Nets: Sea Trout 
2015 2014 5 year avg 2014/2015 Avg  +/-
60,696 46,116 38,489 + 32% +58%
  • Rods: Sea Trout 
2,477 3,524 4,365 -30% -43%
  • 61 net licences produced income of £55,318.
  • 5,875 game licences produced income of £169,000.

 Totals for England and Wales 2014/2015; Caught/Retained/Released. 

Nets Salmon Sea trout Rods Salmon Sea Trout
Caught 17,132 64,468 Caught 10,261 27,851
Retained 16,926 64,448 Retained 2,150 6,384
Released 206 (1%) 20(0%) Released 8,111(79%) 21,503(77%)

The number of rod licences issued nationally in 2015 fell by 11%.

 Source: Environment Agency: Salmonid and Freshwater Fisheries Statistics for England and Wales 2015.

Salmon & Trout Conservation UK – Meeting

11 Apr

There is a further significant meeting with regard to the conservation of wild fish stocks to be held on 17th May 2017 at:-

Northern Football Club,
Great North Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne.
NE3 2DT.

The meeting begins at 7.00pm and will be held in the McCracken Suite.

The first item on the agenda is a presentation by Jon Shelley of the Environment Agency under the heading:-

  • Salmon and sea trout exploitation: what do we want from changes to the regulations?

This meeting is 7 days after the North East Fisheries Forum (Tyne) to be held at the Marriott Hotel, Metro Centre, Gateshead.

No doubt the discussion will centre around the same subject, the Net Limitation Order, so it will be interesting to see how the issue develops over the two meetings.