Autumn Salmon?

28 Sep

Many moons ago, a well known american folk group by the name of Peter , Paul and Mary sang a very popular song with the opening line of ‘where have all the flowers gone, long time passing.’ 

Many north east anglers’ are currently wondering ‘where have all the salmon gone, has anyone seen one? Yes, most rivers have old fish that are reluctant takers and there have been a smattering of fresh fish when river levels lift occasionally, but there has been a significant absence of summer grilse and no sign yet of a good autumn run. Similar problems are being experienced on most rivers, even as far away as Iceland.

Despite the weather being fairly awful this summer, with regular showery rainfall, there has been insufficient heavy rain to raise river levels to a good height. And since there is only four weeks of the season left anglers are rapidly running out of time. However, in the month of November 2003, starting on the day after the season closed, over 7500 fish ran the River Wear, so there is still time.

If a significant run does not appear then its going to be another very poor season, despite the euphoria generated by good runs in June and July.

So it is extremely important that everyone connected with the sport voices their concerns by taking part in the Environment Agencies ‘Managing Salmon Fisheries’ consultation process that closes on the 9th October 2017.

So please, don’t think about! Just do it!


Consultation on Managing Salmon Fisheries.

26 Sep

At the North East Fisheries Forum, held at Bowburn Community Centre on the 20th September 2017. Members of the NRAA raised a number of significant questions with regard to the possibility that sea trout netting in the north east fisheries area may be allowed to continue beyond 2018.

Since all anglers, and everyone connected to the sport agree that mixed stock netting should stop immediately, this possibility is of considerable concern. To highlight the consequences of continuing the over exploitation of migratory stocks by nets, the NRAA have written formally to the EA reinforcing the views put forward on the night.

A copy of the letter is available through the following link.

Environment Agency Salmon Consultation 26.09.17

Durham Hydro: Further Problems.

23 Sep

There have been further problems this week with salmon and sea trout trying to swim up the Hydro’s Archimedes Screw, being hit by the turning blades, and catapulted violently into the air. In some cases fish have been thrown with such force that they have hit the wire protection cage above the screw. The still photograph below taken on Monday September 18th 2017 shows that happening.

To try and prevent further fish from being damaged, on Wednesday September 20th 2017 the Environment Agency asked the operators Durham County Council to reduce the flow through the turbine by 50%. The idea being to reduce the flow so that there is no white water at the bottom of the screw; it is the surge of white water that attracts the fish to the screw, with the inevitable consequences.

It is not known how long the system will run at half power but clearly now and the following two months is the most important for spawning migratory fish.

In the mean time the EA have installed a camera in the cage over the screw to monitor the situation. Fish Legal, the legal arm of the Angling Trust have also written a strongly worded letter to the Environment Agency threatening legal action unless the matter is resolved.

It is not known how many fatalities there have been to date as recent high water levels have washed away evidence from the site. So if any anglers’ or members of the public should find any dead salmon or sea trout down stream from the Hydro then the matter should be reported either to the Environment Agency or their local angling club.

Environment Agency; Salmon Exploitation Consultation Document.

22 Sep

To assist its members in completing the Environment Agencies consultation document. The Wear Anglers Association have prepared guidance notes for those members who may have difficulty in completing the document.

The notes in the form of a draft document can be accessed by clicking on ‘select another association’  at the bottom of this page and then entering the Wear Anglers Association site.