Memorandum of Association

To represent and further the interests of Northumbrian game fishing



The Northumbrian Game Fishing Association (the Association) was formed following expression of interest, during 2014, by the officials of several angling organisations on the Northumbrian rivers. Accordingly, a meeting attended by various organisations was held at the premises of the Rothbury Jubilee Institute, on 14 January 2015 where it was unanimously decided to proceed with the formation of the Association.

This Memorandum provides guideline operating procedures for the Association and is to be duly signed by all members under section E.


The aims of the Association are:

  1. To reach out and encourage as many relevant organisations and riparian owners as possible to join the Association.
  2. To present a single voice for all member organisations when contact is to be made or issues of common interest are to be discussed with external agencies. Such issues could be local or national.
  3. To be a forum for any member organisation to raise matters of concern pertaining to angling on the Northumbrian rivers, their tributaries and other game fisheries.
  4. To raise matters of concern specific to any Association member when it is considered that the matter could be of interest or of potential relevance to other Association members.
  5. To discuss matters of interest or concern specific to any member of the Association but only where that member wishes this to be the case.
  6. To never take an action or make a recommendation which could jeopardise the safety of anglers or third parties.

  1. Structure

The Associations structure comprises a chairman, secretary, treasurer (the officials) and a committee. The committee will be formed by one representative from each member organisation.

The chairman and secretary are deemed to be the representatives of their home organisations. The officials cannot be from the same home organisation.

The chairman and secretary will serve a one year term of office.

The appointment of officials will take place at the AGM.

Committee members will serve a two year term of office and will be replaced or re-elected by their own member organisations. Member organisations must always ensure that their representative is selected from those having adequate knowledge of rivers and angling in general.

  1. Roles and Responsibilities

(a) Chairman – Attend and conduct all meetings of the Association. Keep abreast of all matters of interest and importance to the Association. Maintain contact with the secretary and committee. If he/she considers it necessary he/she may make direct contact with member organisation officials on matters of relevance to the Association. Vote at meetings when necessary.

If the chairman is unable to attend any meeting then a replacement will be elected by members present at that meeting.

(b) Secretary – Call, attend and minute all meetings. Perform all administrative duties. Maintain contact with the chairman and committee. Maintain a list, with contact details of all member organisations. Vote at meetings when necessary.

If the secretary is unable to attend any meeting then a replacement will be elected by members present at that meeting.

(c) Treasurer – Accept monies, hold account and produce annual statement of accounts for scrutiny by members at AGM. Liaise with chairman and secretary as necessary. Vote at meetings when necessary.

(d) Committee members – Attend meetings of the Association. Maintain contact with his/her home organisation on matters relevant to the Association. Raise matters for discussion at Association meetings. Vote at meetings when necessary.

  1. The principal forum for managing Association affairs are meetings between the officials and the committee, with general day to day management being carried out by the officials.

General meetings will be held at approximately quarterly intervals. However, a meeting may be convened at any time to discuss any important issue raised by an official or committee member. Matters for discussion are to be verbally notified to the chairman in advance of meetings.

Each official and committee member will be permitted to invite one member from his/her home organisation to attend Association meetings. This invited member will not have the right to participate in the voting procedure or to submit a motion for voting thereon. He/she is permitted to participate in the discussion of issues raised.

The location, date and timing of meetings will be notified by the secretary.

Each committee member shall have one vote.

All voting will be by show of hands.

  1. On occasions it may be necessary for the Association to communicate with external bodies by letter. Whenever possible the content of letters will be agreed at committee meetings. They will then be type written by the secretary and signed by an official. Letters will be written from ‘ Northumbrian Game Fishing Association’ and not from an individual.

If there is insufficient time to call a committee meeting to discuss an urgently required letter then the content shall be determined by the officials.

All letters will be on Association letterhead, the format of which will be determined by the officials.

  1. No communication with the media to be entered into unless approved by the officials or committee.
  1. Costs will be incurred from time to time which will be covered by the member organisations.

Member organisations will contribute equally to a working ‘float’ when requested to do so by the chairman, all expenditure requiring two signatures from the officials.

The treasurer will prepare a set of annual accounts showing income and outgoings.

If there is a need for a specific item of expenditure which could expose member organisations to relatively high costs (e.g. professional services) this will require discussion prior to contracting.

The Association is a non-profit making organisation.

  1. If in the event of dissolution of the Association there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts, any remaining monies, such monies shall be donated to some other body having similar objectives as the Association.


Member organisations of the Association are required to indicate their acceptance of this Memorandum of Association by providing a signature below.  The signature shall be dated and accompanied by the printed name, position held and the name of the member organisation.


February 2015

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